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The Mushrooms have been built with one intention. To satisfy all of your recording, rehearsal and creative needs.

The Mushrooms offer five warm and welcoming fully equipped live rooms, ideal for composing, rehearsing and arranging your music.

The Mushrooms boasts two industry standard recording studios, operated by professional, polite and experienced engineers. We can record, mix and produce music and audio to the highest standard. We also offer CD printing and duplication services.

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The Mushrooms boasts two industry standard studios that are designed to offer professional recording at a cost effective price. Both acoustically accurate studios are patched into all of our live rooms and share a collection of Neumann, AKG, sE and Shure Microphones. Please see below for more information about the individual rooms and to have a listen to what we do!

Studio 1 utilises the best of both analogue and digital technology, with a valve front end, providing much desired analogue warmth, along with industry standard software to craft and sculpt your productions.

Our main control surface, the Digidesign C24, is used to operate and navigate around our Pro Tools HD system, imitating a traditional console feel to ensure we mix your project with our ears rather than our eyes.

Studio 2 offers a solid state front end, with preamps from Focusrite and Mackie, provide clarity and transparency, making sure your recording is captured without colour or distortion.

Our Icon Q-Con Pro control surface operates a choice of either Pro Tools 10, Logic 9 or Logic X. Perfect for either voice over or music production, the studio is completed using state-of-the-art processing and American Mackie HR824 Monitors.


Take a listen to just a few of the many bands we've worked with at The Mushrooms

Screaming Quays

Screaming Quays - Home Dispite. Check them out here

White Boy

White Boy - You'd Better Listen


Twoodley - Reverse.

All The People

Hot Sauce House Band - All The People


Angryfish - Black Thursday. Check them out here

Jayne Powell

Jayne Powell - Late One. Check out her E.P here

Dead Summers

Dead Summers - Get High. Check them out here


At The Mushrooms, we take great pride in offering the cleanest and most comfortable live rooms anywhere! All five acoustically treated rooms include full backline, vocal PA and effects units, that will take your rehearsal to the next level. We love our live rooms and we are sure you will to!

Live Room 1

Measuring 3.5m x 6.5m (22.75m2) with a 3m high ceiling and naturally pleasant acoustics, Live Room 1 comes complete with full backline and PA to ensure bands have everything they need to create great music.

1 hour - £12
3 hour deal - £30

Live Room 2

Measuring 3.75m x 6m (22.5m2) with a 2.2m high ceiling and bright atmosphere, Live Room 2 comes complete with full backline and PA allowing musicians to really focus on their performance.

1 hour - £12
3 hour deal - £30

Live Room 3

Measuring 4.2m x 4.4m (18.48m2) with a 2.4m high ceiling and tight reverb, Live Room 3 is a great space for bands to practice and fine tune their sound.

1 hour - £12
3 hour deal - £30


Here at The Mushrooms we offer high quality HD video recording and editing. Our services are perfect for bands looking for a cost effective music video for release or promotional purposes. Take a look at some of the projects we've been involved with below.

Live @ The Mushrooms

Holly and the Hotrods (Live @ The Mushrooms)
Harry and the Howlers (Live @ The Mushrooms)
The Collection (Live @ The Mushrooms)
The Collection (Live @ The Mushrooms)
The Interpreters (Live @ The Mushrooms)
Machine Gun Blues (Live @ The Mushrooms)


Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries about what The Mushrooms can do for your project. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Live Room 1 - £12 per hour | £30 for 3 hours

Live Room 2 - £12 per hour | £30 for 3 hours

Live Room 3 - £12 per hour | £30 for 3 hours


Here at The Mushrooms, we believe that every recording project is different.

Our experienced, polite engineers have covered a vast array of project types, from solo artists and orchestras, to pop and rock bands.

Please call us to discuss your needs for your project and we will make it as cost effective for you as possible.

Video Production

We offer full HD video production here at The Mushrooms. We capture the footage using DSLR's and edit and process in Final Cut Pro. Check out our Video section to take a look some of the projects we've been involved in.

CD Duplication

Our in-house duplication department can handle runs of up to 200CDs. Please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.